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At French For Kids!, we believe that playing outside in nature during all types of weather nourishes a child’s mind, body, and spirit.

We place a high premium on the social, physical and imaginative value of outdoor play in natural settings. We use the space just behind our school and also play in nearby wooded conservation land and tree-shaded grassy fields. Our students play outside everyday in all seasons unless the weather is too frigid or too wet. We supply rakes, shovels, and buckets to compliment the childrens’ play with the elements they find in nature such as rocks, sticks, leaves, pine cones, pine needles, acorns, moss, grasses, wildflowers, worms, insects, mud, snow, and ice. These natural treasures delight the children and spark their imagination to transform them into wonderful play objects and scenarios. For instance, children tenderly dig for worms and then build twig shelters to protect them. Boys and girls work together to hoist up big, fallen branches as they build teepees and other shelters. Tiny fairy houses constructed from stones and pine needles as well as mud pies and natural ice cream cones are popular play items in early spring. Children race up and down hills, climb small rocks, balance on fallen logs, swing on a tree rope.

We encourage and model this type of creative, co-operative, social, and physical play. It lifts the spirit and builds the body. The children grow and develop in every domain by engaging deeply with the natural world.

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"Thank you for all the love we received at French for Kids! We couldn't have chosen a better place for our child to grow."